is a website service that allows small businesses to be able to run data analysis on key components of their company.

Unlike expensive “Big Data” platforms that cost millions, empowers and provides small businesses with the tools to be able understand and evaluate their sales so they can properly inform their future business decisions and strategies, with little to no cost!

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There are 30 million small businesses in the US, and we at believe that data analysis tools shouldn’t just be for the big companies,but for everyone.

Analysis in 3 Business Categories

geographic analysis

Analyze your orders and customers to find out where they are located. View at a national level, state level, country, and even drill down to street level. Not close enough still? Then activate built-in Google street-view and look at the front of their delivery location. Find clusters or density profiling to help you better understand and target your resources to grow your business.

industry analysis

For B2B customers, this NAICS/SIC analysis helps you uncover which industries your products/services are utilized most often by. Take this data and better focus your business on the best opportunities going forward. Save money and grow revenue with better targeting.

service / product analysis

Looking for data trends over a wide variety of services you offer? Looking to see what products are selling best or trending? This tool digs deep and uncovers data and trends in an easy way.

Customized Reports & Features

  • Upload customer data in CSV, Excel, or TXT
  • Customize Report Colors
  • Download Report Graphics in PDF, PNG, JPEG, or Vector
  • Unlock Number of Sales and Average Sales Order
  • Export Calculated Data to CSV, Excel, and TXT

Who is this for ? Anyone with a Small Business!

  • Owner, President, CEO, CFO, CMO
  • Sales Directors
  • Marketing Directors

We built this withsmall businesses in mind.

Syndicated Technologies is a software development company founded by CEO Matthew A Haas. Since 1997, Matt has been helping businesses succeed and grow. Originally built as an internal tool for their sister company Syndicate Strategies, a marketing and advertising company, became so popular, Matt’s clients wanted to have direct access to it. So he decided to make it available to the public and built it out as SaaS (software as a service). Because he wants to help all companies succeed, he made sure to offer a free version, so now anyone can analyze their data.

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